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Soil Sodium/Salt Reduction for Turf & Plants    
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Soil Sodium/Salt Reduction for Turf & Plants

Soil Sodium/Salt Reduction - BioTreat’s sodium/salt reduction programme addresses the problems associated with trying to grow/maintain turf and other plants in soils containing abnormally high levels of salt. Plants maintained under these conditions are unable to efficiently absorb water and essential plant nutrients. In addition, high salt levels promote the disintegration of soil aggregates leaving the soil impermeable to water and oxygen further exacerbating the problem. BioTreat’s programme provides for the displacement of sodium ions, which are then utilised and immobilised by a unique microbial system. The programme also serves to improve soil structure and reduce compaction, hence further facilitating the reduction of sodium levels by accelerating the leaching process.

Phase 1 - BioTreat’s Rapid Release Calcium Treatment

BioTreat RRC100, BioTreat’s innovative rapid release calcium treatment has the capacity to quickly displace sodium ions adsorbed to soil particles. Through the process of ion exchange freed calcium ions replace the sodium ions, which previously adhered to soil particles through surface retention (adsorption). In addition to displacing sodium ions this application will provide for improved soil structure, reduced soil compaction and enhanced seed germination.

BioTreat RRC100 is applied at the rate of 2-3 gallons per acre depending upon salinity levels. Use higher rate on soils with sodium levels greater than 500 ppm.

Phase 2 - BioTreat’s Slow Release Calcium Treatment

BioTreat SRC100, BioTreat’s innovative slow release calcium treatment works on the same principle as BioTreat RRC100, however this application provides for slow release ion exchange over extended periods of time. Phase 2 works synergistically with Phase 1 and allows for complete sodium ion dissociation from soil particles. It too improves soil structure, reduces compaction and enhances seed germination.

Apply BioTreat SRC100 at the rate of ½ ton per acre.

Phase 3 - BioTreat’s Halophilic Microbial Treatment

BioTreat HM100, BioTreat’s innovative halophilic microbial treatment system contains 10 proprietary strains of bacillus bacteria that have an affinity for sodium ions. These microbial species utilise the sodium for cellular functions and have the capacity to tie-up free sodium ions in the soil.

Apply BioTreat HM100 at the rate of 2 gallons per acre.

Phase 4 - BioTreat’s Humate - Oxygen Treatment

BioTreat HO100, BioTreat’s innovative humate-oxygen treatment serves as a food source and slow-release source of oxygen for BioTreat HO100.

BioTreat HO100 serves to expedite and maintain the establishment of the beneficial micro-organisms so crucial to the success of this BioTreat programme. In addition, phase 4 provides the necessary nutrients to promote the establishment of the seed/sprigs used during the grow-in phase.

Apply BioTreat HO100 at the rate of 5-10 lbs per acre.

Use higher rate on soils low in organic matter:-

Phase 1 and phase 2 should be applied the same day. Wait 1-2 weeks and then apply phase 3 and phase 4. BioTreat HM100 (liquid) and the BioTreat HO100 (water-soluble suspension) may be tank mixed and applied simultaneously. Be sure to use the mixture within 6 hours of tank mixing!

This BioTreat programme should be administered to soils containing high levels of salt five times per year until salt levels fall within normal parameters. Thereafter, the programme should be administered twice a year to maintain soil health.

The programme may be accelerated by doubling the dosage rates for the first application, then follow programme as prescribed.

Additional Information

For additional information please contact BioTreat info@biotreat.co.uk.

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